About Us


Brief History:

    In 1953 there was a 10 Center organization known as Eastern United States Center (EUSC). In 1954 at an annual meeting, consolidating all the resources of the sub-centers was discussed and Paul Dillion, who would be MGCC-LIC first Chairman, argued that this move would not best serve the interest of the L.I. sub chapter. In 1956 the Long Island Center officially became an independent Center of the MG Car Club of England. Interest of the club was mostly towards touring and Rallying. MGCC-LIC Pride and Joy event was the International 1000 which made its debut in 1953 while still part of EUSC. It was a Time, Speed, Distance event run over several days through Northern New England and Canada covering 1000 miles. Penalties were assessed in five different categories:    technical inspection, violations of regulations, acceleration and braking, the road section and the regularity run. Tech inspections took place once a day and something like a burnt tail light could cause you several places in the overall settings. Regularity runs were sections, as long as, fifty miles during which the navigator/driver team would have to maintain an average speed throughout. Check point were    positioned along the way. The Gas Crunch of the Seventies took a big toll on participation in this once 100+ car event. The diehards grew wary and the 1000 faded away from L.I.

   In the late 70's and into the 80's, with MGs no longer being manufactured, the club's membership dropped drastically. The Vanderbilt Invitational Concourse and a rally event called Out in the Streets were the life's breath of the club. MG owning members dwindled to approximately Ten but the club survived thanks to a small group of long time friends who would not allow it to slip away.

   The comings of the 90's saw a renewal of the MG Car Club - Long Island Center. The focus of the club has shifted to MG preservation. Today with approximately 250 members, 90 percent of which own MGs, the club is a Driving Force geared towards friendship, touring, showing, rallying and just having a good time. We have cars in the club from MG TCs right up to the 1980 MGB LEs with just about every year and model in between. The age of the club's members range from early teens to late 80's.

   Monthly General Meetings at Allen Park in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York the Second Friday of the month. Club is kept informed of any and all going on with the club as well as with surrounding area clubs through our monthly publication Skid Marks edited by long time member Susan Blackwell.

Annual Activities include:

Educational Technical Sessions: held through out the year, with topics covering everything from Care and Maintenance of MGs and How to compete in Rallies to How completely restore an MG. Nocturne Rally: Time, Speed, Distance event run in the evening and usually held in late March

Fall Foliage Tour: is run in Mid-October and covers approx. 40 miles of Long Island most beautiful North Shore roadways with several stops along the way to see things of historic and natural points of interest. These are our year after year events. MGCC-LIC also travels in groups to shows along the Atlantic's mid to north coast with members regularly representing the club at such events as MGs on the Rocks in Maryland, 

British Invasion in Vermont and The Almost Down east Lobster Bake in Maine.